Sleepless nights and the curse of a toothbrush

Since Christmas Day, our biggest boy hasn’t slept through the night once. Unlike our littlest, who’s ended up in our bed by midnight for as long as I can remember, he’d had a good run of 10/11 hours each night, which I was getting used to.

All of a sudden it stopped.

Every night one of us would stumble across the landing to his room, bleary eyed and wondering what time it was, as he shouted “mammyyy daddyyyy”. Some nights it was more of a whimpering, or shouting for a drink, but it was every night.

By the time I got back to bed, either the littlest had stolen my space or Stew was snoring, so I’d end up curled at the bottom of the bed or in the spare room with my dressing gown as a blanket.

Not great when you wake up more tired than you went to bed.

Anyway, one night this week I thought it would be easier to stay in with him after he woke at 1am. He’d had a sleepover at my parents’ the night before so we’d had a go at putting the littlest to sleep in his bed to see if it helped (it didn’t). We’d put a spare mattress was still on the floor in case he fell out of bed, and once our biggest boy saw it there he wanted to pull his own mattress down to make a big bed on the floor.

So at 1am, after “I’m too hot”, take his top off, “I’m too cold”, “tickle my back”, “stop breathing on me” we eventually fell asleep. But some time later I heard something.

You know when there’s a noise in real life and it sort of creeps into your dream, so you rouse and aren’t sure if you’re really hearing things? It was like that. A weird clanging noise and a deep voice.

I had no idea what was going on, but it disturbed our boy too and he started to call for me but realised I was there and went back to sleep.

A while later again, I was woken properly by it. There was a faint red flashing light and a voice saying “you don’t know the power of the dark side”. I’m quite easily spooked, and was ready to hide under the blanket when I realised what it was…

He’d been given a Star Wars toothbrush for Christmas which flashes red like a lightsaber and quotes bits of the film so you know how long to brush your teeth for. Somehow it was setting itself off in the night, and was actually quite loud when there was no other noise.

Again, our biggest boy roused from his sleep, so I could only assume this was the cause of our run of bad nights. Since Christmas night we’ve been brushing his teeth with the lightsaber toothbrush and putting it on his bedside table.

Last night I took it straight back to the bathroom so it couldn’t wake anyone, and guess what? He slept through! Just another reason for me to dislike Star Wars…

Now if we could only work out what’s waking the littlest boy, I might finally get a decent night’s sleep!

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