Just one of those weekends…

I just walked into the littlest boy’s bedroom after an hour-long bedtime with our eldest, and found my husband on the floor.

The scenario sums up the whole weekend.

I don’t like to complain, but just thought I’d share for anyone else who hasn’t had the most perfect of two days off work…

So, to set the scene, Stew’s not well, I’m on call and it’s rained almost solidly since Friday night. Three ingredients to guaranteed cabin fever.

Cabin fever means arguments over toys (how monkey still has his limbs intact, I have no idea), frantically trying to think of indoor activities – cue making milkshake lollipops – and nobody wearing off enough energy in time for bed.

Saturday tea time was a success, at least. We convinced the biggest boy to eat his veg if he wanted to be fast for Rugby Tots (sprouts and all), and I disguised the littlest’s peas in his mash.

The smug feeling that our boys were pumped full of vitamins lasted the amount of time it took for the youngest to climb out of his high chair, onto Stew’s lap and throw up a whole dinner down his front.

As Stew jumped up, managing to spread the sick across the floor, and I stripped a shell shocked little bear, the biggest boy (while attempting to hop over the piles of regurgitated mash and veg) came out with “are my pink milk lollies ready now?”.

All thoughts of our own tea went out the window as we dealt with the chaos, and I realised at around 8pm that we hadn’t eaten. I came downstairs from putting the boys to bed and saw two Dominos pizza boxes and a bottle of Diet Coke in the living room … I was so happy I could have married Stew, you know, if we weren’t already married.

As for today, the weather completely put a stop to going anywhere, and it all got a bit frantic trying to pass the time. Thankfully I managed a couple of hours away from den and slide-building to go for coffee with my mother, while Stew had some peace as my father took the biggest boy out for a spin in a van from work (it’s the little things…)

When I got home we started bath time – you know, that winding down time before bed. I left Stew and the boys in the bathroom while I gathered up pyjamas and vests for the night. As I walked back in, I saw a splash and heard Stew shout “what was that?!”

I threw my hand into the water (hoping it was just a shampoo bottle or yet another toilet roll) just catching my phone as it hit the bottom of the bath.

Yup, our darling youngest had got my phone out of my dressing gown and launched it into the bubbles. Thank god it wasn’t my work phone, which was in the other pocket…

Box of rice it is.

Oh, and that’s not the only electronic thing he’s had a go at this weekend. He’s taken to posting coins in the side of the TV, which now has a fair chunk of the money box rattling around inside.

On to bedtime, which couldn’t come soon enough. Stew took the littlest and I took the biggest. Half way through our second story (the atlas), the bedroom door was thrown open with a bang. My heart stopped, and I waited for someone to walk in.


It felt like hours watching the doorway in silence, when a little head popped round and with a beaming smile came “mammyyy”.

It turns out the white noise app worked better for Stew than its intended recipient, and he was fast asleep while our little escapee made his way across the landing.

I tried to be a kind wife and leave Stew sleep, he’s not well after all, but there was no way it was happening. At the mention of a midnight feast from our biggest boy who has been desperate for a sleepover for weeks, I gave in and woke sleeping beauty up.

For the next 45minutes I tickled our biggest boy’s back, sang to him and stroked his hair, all while listening to our littlest working himself into a state because he was so tired.

Eventually, we all fell asleep. Me and the biggest boy on the toddler bed, the littlest in his cot, and Stew on the floor next to him.

And that, my friends, is parenting. Hope you’ve had a more restful weekend!

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