OOTD: Monochrome stripes and Joules boots of dreams

Joules Chelsea boots and Joanie french fries top

You know when you find an outfit you really like, and end up wearing it at every opportunity? That’s where I am right now.

I feel like I’ve worked out an outfit that can go from soft play to coffee, is comfortable, and I feel reasonably fashionable (with an emphasis on reasonably). And the good thing is that I have the same top in three designs, so hey presto … three different outfits with absolutely no effort!

It all started when adverts from a website called Joanie kept popping up on my social media. I’m an advertiser’s dream and get sucked into things quite easily, so it didn’t take long before I was browsing the site and popping things into my basket.

If you haven’t heard of Joanie, it’s a vintage-inspired clothes site, with some lovely quirky pieces. I’ve already built up a mini collection of their long-sleeved tops with embroidered patches. For our holiday in Amsterdam last year I bought one with a “you’re smashing it” rosette, and after Christmas I treated myself to the french fries and dinosaur tops. Nice and random.

If you’re after one, I’d recommend buying a size down. They come in small, medium, large and extra large, and when my small arrived I was a bit concerned that it looked huge. I’ve since got used to the oversized fit, which goes well with high waisted jeans.

For a change from jeans, I’ve started wearing them with a black denim skirt from New Look, thick black tights, and until now my favourite pumps from Primark. That is until I ditched them for the Joules Chelsea boots of dreams.

Have you ever seen a pair of shoes and actually gasped out loud? No? Umm, me neither. Ok, ok, I totally let my excitement show in the middle of the shop, and spent too long staring at these boots before finally convincing myself that I had to have them. They were in the sale, after all, and really are an investment.

I debated between two pairs for a while, but ended up going for these beauties…

Joules pony skin Chelsea boots

They also come in black with a silver back (also in the sale), or brown with a rose gold back (sadly still full price). I’ve had so many comments about them already, and I’ve only owned them for a week! And now I finally know what it’s like to have dry feet when it’s raining … no more soggy tights for me!

So, all together, my new favourite outfit looks like this…

Excuse the awkward pose and unbrushed hair. I’ll never make a fashion blogger.

Where to buy:

French fries top: Joanie

Boots (no longer online, but similar – non sale – here): Joules

Skirt: New Look

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