A sneak peek at my diet – what I eat in an average week…

What I eat in an average week

For the next few months there will be a bit more food and fitness talk over here as I attempt to make some lifestyle changes, so I thought I’d start by giving an insight into what I tend to eat. This is actually a pretty good week, as I’ve tried to up my fruit and veg (I still need a lot more fruit), and have cut out my usually nightly chocolate (most nights).

The reason I’m trying to change up my diet a bit is not to lose weight – the opposite, in fact – but because I feel so tired a lot of the time that my diet must be part of it. Stew is really good at cooking us healthy meals in the evening, but I managed to get into the habit of eating in the canteen at work, which involves chips most days. I also haven’t been going an evening without chocolate and a cup of tea, which can’t be helping my sleep (although two restless children is no help either).

Since Christmas I’ve attempted to drink less tea in general as I’ve been feeling dehydrated, .so every morning I start with a cup or two of hot water with honey and lemon, which has made a huge difference. I’m also making sure I drink at least one 750ml bottle of water while I’m in work. I have a long way to go with drinking enough, but I feel like I’ve made a good start.

So, here’s what I’ve been eating over the past week…


Breakfast: Buttermilk pancakes with berries and honey. Stew’s bought the new Joe Wickes book, and naturally the first section I turned to was the treats! These were really easy to make, but needed waaaay more buttermilk than the recipe says. Also, there should be a warning that the pancakes rise so much that our first lot ended up being huge! By the time I got round to making mine I was onto mini versions, which meant they were actually cooked in the middle,

Dinner: Two slices of leftover Dominos pizza, a Costa coconut milk and vanilla latte, and a brownie.

Tea: Quorn steak pieces with tomato and mascarpone sauce and butternut squash noodles. This was from the Joe Wickes book again, but it wasn’t the nicest and probably isn’t a meal we’ll be having again soon!

Snack: Joe Wickes energy balls – dates, cashew butter, cashews, desiccated coconut and maple syrup.

Buttermilk pancakes


Breakfast: More buttermilk pancakes! Not a usual weekday breakfast, but we had leftover batter from the weekend. With fruit, yogurt and honey.

Dinner: Three mini wholemeal pitta breads with baby spinach, grated cheese, three mini Quorn scotch eggs, chicken pieces and Moroccan hummus.I had a great plan to go to Morrisons at lunchtime to stock up on things I could keep in the fridge in work to save preparing in advance. It didn’t work quite as I’d planned as the fridge froze most of it, but the thought was there!

Snack: Apple and a cookie.

Tea: Mixed bean chilli with guacamole and microwaved Spanish rice.


Breakfast: Bagel with mashed avocado and fried egg.

Dinner: Same as Monday.

Snack: Greek yogurt with honey and figs.

Tea: Chicken with jacket potato and roast veg (tomato, courgette, pepper and onion). Followed by a decaf cappuccino and some apple crumble with custard.


Breakfast: Fried egg with two pieces of toast.

Dinner: I had to drive to Aberystwyth, so didn’t have a chance to eat my healthy fridge food. Instead, I had an egg mayo sandwich, salt and vinegar crisps and a Diet Coke. Then a hazelnut latte from Costa to get me through the journey home. I’ve been trying to cut down on caffeine, but forgot to order a de-caff and could really feel the difference … it wasn’t good!

Tea: Tortilla pizza – one tortilla wrap with tomato puree, grated cheddar and mozzarella. This should have been pizza night, but Stew forgot that we need more than one for the four of us and the boys demolished it between them!

Chicken with harissa paste and veg – Friday


Breakfast: Cheese and barbecue sauce toastie.

Dinner: Bagel with avocado and half a tin of spaghetti. Tinned Spaghetti is great to keep in your desk drawer as you can just grab a couple of slices of bread, a bagel or a muffin before leaving the house in the morning and you’ve got a super quick meal … and it counts as a portion of veg!

Tea: Chicken, sweet potato fries, broccoli, peppers and peas.

Snack: Half a bar of Whole Nut (one of the 100g bars).


Breakfast: Scambled egg with cheese, on toast

Dinner: Omelette with spinach, cherry tomatoes, avocado and cheddar, with half a tin of spaghetti. I made the omelette in the morning while I was doing breakfast and heated it up in work.

Tea: Quorn pieces with harissa paste, chickpeas, peppers and microwaved Spanish rice.

Snack: The rest of the Whole Nut bar.


Breakfast: French toast with yogurt, figs and maple syrup.

Dinner: Sweet potato mash with spinach, avocado, parmesan and mozzarella, all baked in the oven.

Tea: Nandos! Mango and lime chicken pitta with chips, corn on the cob and perinaise, and a handful of Giant Buttons to finish it off.

And that’s the week! As I said at the start, this wasn’t a bad week (apart from the Nandos, but I count that as the healthiest of takeaways), but I need to get away from the three big meals and start eating more snacks. From this week on, that’s what I’m going to be attempting … wish me luck!

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