Goodbye January – the longest month of all time

Let’s just start by saying how long January has been – I swear it’s been the longest month ever. Christmas feels like an eternity ago. Anyone else feeling like this?

There have been long days cooped up in the house to avoid the rain, and what feels like very little daylight, but at the same time we’ve had a couple of nice days out and quality time together.

Here are some of our highlights, lowlights and what we have to look forward to now that the longest month of the year has finally ended…

After a call with some terribly sad news about a friend on New Year’s Day that caught us completely off guard, I’ve tried to start the year by focusing on what is important in life and not dwelling on what isn’t.

In that spirit, we’ve tried our best to make the most of the few dry days we’ve had this month, to get out and enjoy. We started with two trips to the beach – our local beach at first, and then a trip to New Quay in west Wales the following week.

It was beautiful there, even if it was howling with wind and freezing cold! We had chips overlooking the sea, bought spades to dig holes in the sand, and explored around the pier. There was hardly anyone around, and it’s amazing to think that it’s so busy during the summer.

We’ve also had one trip to the wetlands to try out our new buggy. I finally got a Cosatto after selling our pram, which I was very excited about. It’s a beautiful design with rockets and stars on, and the boys love it.

Back to the wetlands … when we arrived we overheard someone saying there was a kingfisher near one of the hides. For some reason, our eldest son caught on to this and got super excited, shouting “is it a real kingfisher? A REAL ONE?” So of course we had to go and find it.

I’m not sure what he was expecting, but there he was – our three-and-a-half-year-old among the group of 50+ bird watchers camped out in the hide, attempting to spot the kingfisher on a bank. There were people trying to point it out to him, saying things like “you see, he’s on that outcrop there?” and he had no idea what they were on about.

He was pretty pleased to spot it in the end though. I have to admit I was too – my grandfather loved kingfishers and has a bench at the wetlands that we always walk past, so it was quite special that our biggest boy made a big fuss over it.

Our littlest was just happy with feeding the ducks and running up and down the ramp, of course.

I think they were pretty much our days out this month – we’ve done a couple of little things like soft play and gymnastics to keep busy … oh, and we took the biggest boy bowling for the first time! Now that was an experience. Within three goes, he’d given up on using the ramp and was launching the ball down the alley. He was only a few points behind me when we finished. I’m surprised he didn’t wake up with a sore back the next day from all the effort carrying the bowling balls back and fore.

The seemingly endless dark evenings meant I spent night upon night trawling holiday websites, desperate to book something, and as we were about to give up Stew only went and phoned about a cruise. And we’re off to the Caribbean … in March!

It’s a bigger holiday than we were planning this year, and sooner than anticipated, but as we’ve realised life is too short so we’re going for it. Just wish us luck on the 10-hour flight with our two monkeys…

We’ve got a couple of other things to look forward to this year. I’ve made it to the final in our work awards ceremony and am up for the Welsh learner of the year award, which is a bit embarrassing as I’m no better than anyone else, we have a wedding in August where our biggest boy will be a page boy, and we have tickets to see the Killers in June. They’re all quite spread out, so we’ll have to slot a few more things in between … just some days out in the sun and maybe a few weekends away will be nice.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2018?

2 thoughts on “Goodbye January – the longest month of all time

  1. Ooooh Caribbean in March! You lucky dabbers! How lush! I love that Santi was excited about the Kingfisher! My dad and i have just started taking Gus on bird watching walks…he gets so excited! And i love bird watching. I don’t care how geeky that makes me! šŸ˜€ January was indeed the longest month EVER!

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