My body goals for 2018: It’s time to sort out my weight!

To look at me, you might not think I’d need to set body goals for the year. But for the first time I’ve had to, for a few reasons.

Before Christmas I was feeling very tired a lot of the time, which is probably not unusual for a mother of two under 3.5 who works full time, but still not ideal.

I put it down to trying to do too much – I go to work all day, come home, feed the boys (Stew usually cooks) and do bedtime, then attempt to blog – but after a break from blogging (the only thing I can give up without being sacked or being a terrible parent) I didn’t feel any different. I felt generally weak and lethargic.

I’m not one for weighing myself regularly, so had a bit of a shock when I discovered in December that I weighed over half a stone less than the last time I checked. It’s no wonder I’ve been feeling so fragile, I weigh nearly two stone less than when I finished university (the heaviest I’ve ever been), and now fall into the underweight bracket.

I know it doesn’t sound like a hardship, but I’m now determined to put weight on. I’m no longer slim, I’m skinny. I have no muscle definition, no tone – I’m mostly bone, with a wobbly tummy after growing two big babies.

I’ve made a start at being healthier by drinking more water and green tea instead of regular tea – which has already made a difference to my energy levels – and cutting out my nightly chocolate in front of the TV. I want to put on weight, but I don’t want to do it by eating badly or having sugar peaks and crashes. I know from having gestational diabetes twice how easy it is to affect your blood sugar levels, but since I was able to stop pricking my finger four times a day to test it I’ve pretty much forgotten about it.

Little changes are all well and good, but to get serious about this I need some help. So I’ve enlisted it in the form of a personal trainer, and for the next three months I’ll be working with Rhys Lewis, from Webfit Wales.

I have every excuse going when it comes to exercise, but the main one being that I don’t have time to go to the gym. I genuinely don’t – to go before work I’d have to get up at 5.30am (I’m not that dedicated, and a lot of gyms aren’t even open then), and if I go after work that would mean not eating until the boys have gone to bed, and to be honest it would just feel like a burden trying to add it in to the evening chaos that our house descends into.

So how am I going to fit in a personal trainer? With Webfit Wales, you can do all your workouts at home if that’s what works best for you as they’re loaded into an app. After a quick chat with Rhys, he totally understood that as a working mother of two I genuinely can’t commit to joining a gym as my spare time is so limited. So he’s devised a plan for me to exercise at home three times a week, with no equipment needed.

I’ve downloaded the app, which shows my meal and workout plan, and have been put on a 12-week programme designed to activate muscle groups, introduce exercise back into my lifestyle, and increase muscle fibre recruitment and endurance. It sounds technical, but I’m hoping it will just get me back into exercise – well overdue as the last time I went running was on September 27, 2014 – and give me a bit of an energy boost.

I don’t think it’ll be easy, but I’m determined to make some changes … I’ll give some regular updates on how I’m getting on, so check back to see how I find it!

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