What mama wore: Lindybop Audrey swing dress Italian print

Do you ever buy an outfit and wish you could wear it to every single occasion you have? That’s how I felt when I tried on this Lindybop Audrey dress.

When we were packing for our cruise I decided I’d stick with a few outfits I really liked so I could wear them a few times, rather than taking too much and not getting around to wearing half of it. It also meant I could treat myself to a couple of new things and get some wear out of them straight away (you know, to work on the cost per pound…).

I took a risk and ordered a couple of dresses from a website I’d never bought from before (I like to stick with what I know)  called Lindybop. A friend of mine always looks lovely in 50’s inspired dresses and has a few from here, and I decided to be brave and try one too. I do love 50’s fashion, and had a vintage lace tea length wedding dress which was exactly what I’d imagined wearing, but day-to-day I’m not confident enough to wear anything different.

Anyway, one of the dresses I bought was completely the wrong shape for me and looked awful, but the second one was perfect. It’s a swing dress in Lindybop Audrey style, in pretty blues and pinks, with a bright pink belt to pull in the waist.

Lindybop Audrey Italian print dress

I’m a bit obsessed with Italy, and fell in love with this print as soon as I saw it. I was really hoping it would suit me, and was so happy when it arrived. I loved everything about it – the shape, the cloud print on the top half, the Italian-inspired houses on the skirt, how comfortable it is, and how it could be dressed up or down.

The website changes stock quite frequently, and sadly the Italian print doesn’t seem to be available anymore. There are similar dresses here and here. The second is a Holland print with windmills and tulips, which I have a feeling will be making its way into my basket pretty soon.

Lindybop Audrey Italian print dress
How pretty is this print?

I wore this dress two or three times during our cruise on casual evenings – one night with brown and gold flats, and again with heeled sandals to dress it up a bit. These shoes are super comfortable and have a low enough heel to not make pushing the buggy feel awkward. I bought them a few years ago from Carvela, but I’m sure there will be similar around again this summer.

Carvela sandals

Because of the lovely cloud pattern over the top of the dress, I didn’t feel like there was a need to go over the top with jewellery. I wore a simple long necklace, which I bought from Topshop, with two gold charms and a rose quartz pendant. Apparently, if you scratch the rose quartz it releases a scent, but I couldn’t smell a thing!

Topshop aromatherapy rose quartz necklace

It sounds so mumsy, but the best thing about dresses like this is that they’re really practical. Long enough not to flash when I bend down to pick the boys up, no straps to keep pulling up, and a high neckline so the littlest can’t pull it down. Safe wardrobe territory!

And here I am with my littlest sidekick, who did enjoy swishing the bottom of the dress around while saying “oohh pretty”. If he approves, we’ve got a winner.

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