Life lately: A hectic month, with more to come!

I kind of feel like we haven’t really stopped since getting home from our holiday – it’s been a hectic old month! I’ve been trying to write up our cruise diaries, and have kind of neglected any other kind of post, so I thought I’d just do a little round-up of what we’ve been up to, and what we have coming up over the next few weeks.

First up, was my works awards evening, which just happened to be the day we got back from our holiday. It was straight home from Southampton, a swift change and a bite to eat, and back out in the car to the ceremony. I was so nervous to go because I was nominated for an award, and Stew kept teasing me that I’d have to make a speech if I won … and I did (win, that is, not make a speech)! You’re looking at the Welsh Learner of the Year here, but don’t worry, I’ll stick to writing in English for now at least.

The week after we got home we had some very exciting news, in the shape of baby Harri Jac, our new nephew / cousin. Our biggest boy was so excited to go and see him, and he was the first thing he asked about the next morning when he woke up. I snuck to see him on the way home from work the day after he was a born and had to pretend I hadn’t as I knew it would bring tears. Our littlest boy wasn’t all that bothered – he looked at him, said “baby” and went off to play instead.

I have all the heart eyes for this photo

We’ve also managed a little walk along the beach, just to make sure we don’t lose the sand from our shoes just yet. Ok, so it wasn’t warm enough to ditch the sweatshirts and we had a minor drama before getting out of the car park ( the biggest boy practically went head first over his scooter handlebars), but it was so sunny and bright, and lovely to get out in fresh air. I take it for granted that we live on the coast – these photos were taken just a five minute drive from our house – and want to make sure we spend more time by the sea this summer. Of course we ended up carrying both boys, a bike and a scooter back to the car, but what’s new?!

We’ve also had a road trip up to North Wales, which was an experience! Two boys under four in a car for a four-hour journey isn’t something I’ll be attempting again any time soon … although we have actually suggested spending a week driving around Wales in the summer (someone stop me if I actually go to book a camper van and commit us to this crazy plan).

We had a family christening last Sunday, so the four of us, plus my parents, booked an Air bnb somewhere in the middle of the countryside, on a farm with no phone signal. It was lovely (and muddy!). We only had one day to do some sightseeing, so we headed to Portmeirion, which has been on my travel list for a few years. It didn’t disappoint, especially on such a sunny day. I’ll be writing about our little trip separately, but here’s a sneak peek at some pics…

Among all this, we’ve had our biggest boy’s first week of full-time school, which he’s taken completely in his stride. He’s eaten octopus (custard), black sauce (bolognese) and ice cream with brown around it (arctic roll), grazed his knees falling over in the yard, and won a prize for his colouring in. Unsurprisingly, he was exhausted by Friday night and I think it’ll take some time for him to get used to the longer days.

The busy spell doesn’t end there, and we’ve still got plenty planned to keep us going over the next few weeks. It’s my birthday and my mother’s birthday this weekend, so I’ve booked Friday off for the two of us to go somewhere for the day. It’ll be a low key celebration for me, but more of a whole family thing for my mother on Sunday (it’s a big birthday!). I’ve been promised a trampoline from the biggest boy – I’m not sure where he’s getting it from, or how he’s paying for it, but it’s the thought that counts!

On Saturday we’re off to Cardiff to see Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment, which I’m super excited for.  I remember going to see Disney on Ice in Cardiff years ago and it was amazing, and I’m sure it’s even better these days. Our biggest boy knows most of the Disney characters now, and there are a lot of Pixar scenes in the show, so I think he’ll love it. I’d been looking at tickets for a while, but we’ve had so much going on that I didn’t get around to booking. Then we were very kindly offered tickets to review the show, and I wasn’t going to say no to that! So it’s a surprise for the boys, and we won’t tell them until we get to the Motorpoint Arena. We’re so lucky, and very grateful to be offered to see the show … I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be so excited that I’ll want Mickey ears! It’s running from Wednesday, April 25 to Sunday, April 29 in Cardiff, so there’s still time to grab some last-minute tickets!

We’ll be back in Cardiff on May 19 for Monster Jam*, which is a huge motorsports event in the Principality Stadium. I have no idea what to expect from this, but I’ve seen photos of trucks doing stunts and flying up in the air, which looks pretty impressive. Our biggest boy’s favourite phrase at the moment is “that was awesome”, and I’ve got a feeling we’ll hear a lot of that on the day! You can find out more about the event and get tickets here. I feel like such a boy mama going to this!

And of course we have the boys’ birthdays coming up in June … we’ll have a four-year-old and a two-year-old, sob! We don’t have any plans yet, but are thinking about booking a weekend away like we did last year when we went glamping. We need to get moving and decide what we’re doing soon though!

Is alone else as continually busy as we are?!

*Disclaimer – we have very kindly been offered tickets for Disney on Ice and Monster Jam, which we are so grateful for. All views will be our own in the subsequent reviews.

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