What mama wore: Cath Kidston puffin dress

Cath Kidston puffin dress

I do like a quirky print, and when I saw a Cath Kidston puffin print dress while out shopping a few months ago, I kind of fell in love. I tried to resist it, leaving the shop without trying it on, but I was soon back for another look.

I’ve never actually bought a Cath Kidston dress before, despite it being a regular stop on Cardiff shopping trips (sadly less frequent trips these days). I was very tempted with the “pet party” print over the winter, which had little hamsters wearing glasses and party hats, but missed out when it went into the sale and my size sold out.

Anyway, back to the puffins. We’d just booked our cruise and summer clothes weren’t quite out in the shops yet. Then I spotted the puffin print dress in Cath Kidston. I loved the colour and the cute puffins, but what really sold it for me was the rope belt. It just added something extra.

It was the first thing I packed for our cruise, and I’m pretty sure I wore it on the first evening. The only problem with wearing it in the Caribbean was that the dress is lined, so it was a bit warm when we were outside. Inside, in air conditioning, I was fine, but it’s definitely made for slightly cooler British summer evenings!

For some reason, since having the boys, I’ve had a bit of a thing about having my knees out. I didn’t used to care, but now if I’m wearing a dress or skirt I feel like I’m constantly asking if it’s too short. This dress is above the knee, and at first I kept thinking it would be nicer if it was a couple of inches longer. But actually, I think maybe it would end up looking a bit twee if it was any longer, and when I’m older I’ll probably look back and wonder what on earth I was worrying about!

Here I am, knees and all!

I took two pairs of heels with me – brown sandals and black strappy shoes – so I was covered for formal and casual evenings. I wore my brown shoes with the puffin dress, and a pink quartz necklace, which you can’t quite see in the photo above.

My trusty Carvela sandals

While I was on my little shopping trip I also picked up a new perfume as a holiday treat. I discovered Jo Malone a few years ago, and since then no other perfume has been the same. My absolute favourite is the red rose scent, but I try not to use the same perfume more than once so the smell will always remind me of one specific time.

They had just launched a new summer range, so I picked up the honey and crocus. I’m still not entirely sure if it smells slightly biscuity, but there’s something I like about it. It’s not as floral as I usually go for, so I think it’s taken a bit more getting used to than normal.

Jo Malone honey and crocus

I’m ashamed to say I’ve only worn this dress once so far, but I’m definitely going to try and get more wear out of it while this weather continues! And it’ll be first in the case for our September holiday to France.

Oh, and this is what happens when you try to take a photo on the deck of a windy cruise ship…

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