Life lately: Life-sized dinosaurs, a shoe-wearing cow and the Gruffalo

Hello hello! And welcome back to the worst maintained blog in history! I’ve been so busy with work, looking after the boys and googling rose gold watches (a necessity) that I just haven’t had time to write anything for a week. And I’d set myself a blogging schedule too … hey ho, such is life!

Anyway, I quite enjoy doing these little round-ups of what we’ve been up to – and I like reading what other bloggers have been watching and wearing etc, that I thought I’d catch you up on life around here.

As I said, I’ve been working lots and felt like I was on call for weeks on end (we do one week in five usually, but because of some swaps I ended up taking on some extra days), but we have managed to get out and about a bit too. So, these past couple of weeks we have…


Well surprise surprise, my attempt at reading more didn’t really last that long. I started reading My Excellent Friend by Elena Ferrente, but I wasn’t really feeling it. It’s about a woman who is telling the tale of her life as a child in Naples and her relationship with her best friend (who in the first few pages has disappeared). I love Italy and was enjoying the descriptions about where they live, their neighbours etc, but I found it to be very slow moving, and I’ve kind of abandoned it. I need some recommendations of books to read, so please let me know of anything you’ve enjoyed lately!

The boys are doing better than me and both have a current favourite book. The littlest asks for The Gruffalo every night (though sometimes he branches out and reads the Gruffalo’s Child), and he’s started finishing sentences now, which is super cute. The other night he told me the mouse was sad and gave the book a hug to make him better … what a sweetie!

The biggest is into a book called Moo Laa Laa, which is hilarious! ┬áIt’s about a cow who hears the farmer say he’s going to buy horse shoes and gets cross that she doesn’t have shoes. She hops in the van to go to town and ends up in shoes, a dress and a coat. If you put on a decent cow voice your children will love it! Even the littlest is saying “moo laa laa” now!

Moo Laa Laa


Would you believe me and Stew actually made it to the cinema this week? We put the boys to bed, my parents came over to watch them (not literally watch them while they slept) and off we went to watch … don’t judge us … Mamma Mia 2. I know. But I quite liked the first one and it’s easy watching. I don’t have the energy for films that make you think anymore.

It was more of a DVD kind of film, but I enjoyed my Costa and popcorn, and now I want to book a holiday to Greece and swim in the sea.


We’ve moved on from George Ezra in the car now, and are subjected to Led Zeppelin on every journey. Somehow (I’m looking at you, Stew), the biggest boy knows that The Immigrant Song is in Thor, and is obsessed with it. He’s continually asking for the Thor song, and insists on winding all the windows down “so everyone can hear it”. Great.


Do pyjamas count? Because I have the best pair ever! I went to Primark on a girls’ shopping trip with some friends (followed by Nando’s, which is so much better than a night out) and treated myself to new PJs from the Disney range. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Of course, I’ve also worn a lot of dresses as I try to decide on an outfit for a wedding this weekend. If you missed may debate, check out the selection here.


We fully intended to do the Gruffalo trail at Mountain View Ranch near Caerphilly on our day off last week, but the weather stopped our fun. We’d let the boys think it was a usual nursery Thursday, and it was only when we were 15 minutes along the M4 and asked them if we were going the right way that they caught on!

We ended up in Cardiff itself and bought tickets to watch the Gruffalo’s Child in the New Theatre, which I was quite excited about … and the biggest boy couldn’t wait. He asked every five minutes if it was time for the show.

Waiting for the show

To be honest, I didn’t rate the play – I don’t think any of us did. It was too dark (as in the scenery), too minimalistic and just a bit flat. I was glad when the sun came out and we could head to the Bay before going home. We went from rain to 24 degrees in a day! The boys loved scooting along the Bay, and we avoided the rush hour traffic with our little detour.

Over the weekend we went to a paddling pool in a park near us, which was nice for the boys, and on Sunday we ventured over to Mumbles to Blackpill Lido for the first time. It was so busy! We found a little patch of grass under a tree as our base, but we all ended up in the water as there were so many people it was impossible to watch the boys while sitting down. They had a whale of a time … they’re proper water babies!


We have a few things planned over the next week or so. Tomorrow we’ll be in Cardiff again (I knew we should have bought a house there!) for Jurassic Kingdon, which looks fab! Again, this is a surprise for the boys, and I think they’ll love it. We’ll get to explore Bute Park, where 30 moving dinosaurs have been installed. I can’t wait! We’ve told the biggest boy we’re going to a park, and when I asked if he thought we’d see a tyrannosaurus rex he looked at me as if I was crazy!

On Saturday we have a family wedding, and our biggest boy is a page boy. We’ve practiced gelling his hair and got him to walk up and down the kitchen as prep … fingers crossed he won’t insist I walk down the aisle with him!

And next week we have a long weekend with five days off work … woohoo! It’s a long time coming as I haven’t had more than the odd day off here and there since March! We’re thinking about going camping, but we’ll see how the weather goes … and we all know how camping ended last time…

Do you have lots of plans for the rest of the holidays?

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