What Mama Wore: A skirt not suitable for dinosaur climbing!

Is it just me, or does anyone else find wearing skirts a bit tricky? Dresses are easy – no struggle to match an outfit together – but skirts require a bit more thought. Still, I’m quite often drawn to them, and have a little collection going on.

When I spotted this striped skirt in Primark it really caught my eye. I liked the colours and the tortoise shell button-through style, which seems to be everywhere at the moment. It’s a different shape to the pleated skirts I have in my wardrobe, and is more of a pencil skirt style, which could be dressed up or down.

When I tried it on, I realised it’s made of quite a thin cotton, which has good and bad points … it’s nice and cool for warm days, but does mean it’s a wee bit see-through. The material and shape also mean there’s not much give in it (this is kind of important, as I learned…), so it’s a good idea to try sitting down in it before settling on a size!

Feeling brave, and always loving  bargain (I think it was £13), I popped it in my basket … and then it ended up in the little pile of clothes I frequently put on for 20 minutes then chicken out of wearing and change before leaving the house! Skirts and jumpsuits seem to end up in this pile a lot. I’m not sure why, as it’s pretty much the same pattern as a dress I have from Primark which I’ve worn practically to death this summer.  I finally took the plunge and wore it on our day out to Jurassic Kingdom in Cardiff… keeping it safe with a plain black t-shirt and my good old denim jacket on top.

It was one of those days where you can’t quite tell what the weather is doing, so I didn’t want to risk having cold feet in sandals. I wore my pink Adidas Gazelle trainers instead, which kept the outfit nice and casual. I love the colour of these trainers, and was so happy when I realised the children’s range goes up to a size 5.5 so I didn’t have to pay full price!

So, I was really enjoying wearing something a bit different, and quite proud of myself for not throwing jeans on at the last minute … until, that is, I attempted to climb on top of a dinosaur. Yep, there was a ride-on dinosaur and I decided I wanted in on it. Remember my post about not taking myself so seriously? This is one of those exact moments when I should have realised I was going to end up looking silly. I climbed up the steps, jumped on board Mr T Rex …. and heard the most horrendous ripping noise as a button went flying off my skirt.

Getting off was tricky as I was now wearing a skirt with a thigh-high split and I was five-foot off the ground. There was another family coming, so I didn’t have much time to make my escape. I’d love to be able to say that I somehow got off gracefully, but there’s not a chance, as I recall more or less throwing myself backwards in a hurry to get off before I did any more damage, as Stew very conveniently took a photo of me. Yep, there was flashing involved, and for a brief time there was photographic evidence.

Anyway, my skirt is now missing a button and is a slightly more risky choice on a breezy day, but I’m still pretty happy with the outfit … and yes, I have worn it since!

Have you had any wardrobe disasters? Please don’t say it’s just me!