The end of the summer and a new start in September

I’ve always felt like the end of August and the start of September is a bit like Christmas and new year. It feels like time for a fresh start, to make a few changes and get organised! It must come from the start of the new school year, and all the new notebooks and diaries you ended up buying.Even though the new term days have long gone for me, September still seems to be a new start. I headed off to Wiltshire for my first journalism job in September 2 ten years ago, got a job back at home in September two years later, and found out we were expecting our boys in September two years apart. 

Don’t get excited, this isn’t an announcement on that level!

Last year we had the adjustment of our biggest starting school, and all the nerves and excitement that came with it.

This year, although he’ll be going back to the same school, we have the start of a new chapter of no nursery for him. 

We picked him up this evening and he won’t be going back. August 31 seems like a fitting days for his last day there now that I think about it.

It might not seem like a big deal, but he’s been going to nursery since he was 11 months old. That’s three-and-a-half years of nursery under his belt,

We’ve been through the first lot of drop-offs where I’d leave him crying at the door, before walking to work blinking back my own tears.

Then we got to the times where he loved going in and would run to the playroom without a glance back, and the excitement over a new nursery building, with new toys and more space to play.

The proud moment of him introducing his baby brother to the staff, and then leaving the two of them together as I headed back to work.

And more recently, back to tears as he goes in during the holidays but his friends are no longer there.

I can’t say it’s been an easy summer with two days a week of trying to convince him he’ll have a good time, while he’s crying and begging not to go. Our littlest, on the other hand, is at the strolling in happily phase, which I guess has eased the pressure somewhat.

Working full time isn’t easy when you have children. The guilt of leaving them five days a week (albeit with family for three of them), trying to fit in days off here and there over the six-week holiday, and feeling like I’m constantly explaining why I’m not at home.

But change is coming…

From now on, there will be no nursery for our eldest. And there’ll be no more five-day working weeks for me.

I’ve had a request for reduced hours accepted and will be down to four days a week. That means a day where I’m able to do the drop-off and pick-up, where I can feel like a real mother at the school gates, not have to rush out of the door shouting “I’m late!” while throwing hugs and kisses around, and guaranteed non working days during holidays. 

For our biggest boy, it’ll mean one day of after school club, which he’s really excited about, and for our littlest, it’ll mean a full day of one-to-one time, days where we can chill at home or go out on adventures together.

I’ve been working full time since he was six months old, so this feels huge.

I can’t wait.

Hello September, it’s nice to see you.

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