What Mama Bought: A load of New Look polka dot prints

You might have guessed by now that I like a bit of shopping. Actually going to the shops is my favourite thing, but you’ll often find me having a little browse online in the evenings. Once the boys have gone to bed there’s not really much else worth doing.

The problem is that I’m not particularly good at online shopping, and end up sending the majority back. Of course my neighbours who take in our parcels when we’re in work don’t see the returns and think I have a problem!

I generally stick to ASOS because I have the £9.99 annual next day delivery (which is AMAZING), but last week took myself off to the New Look website for a change. I seemed to have been in the mood for polka dots!

And this is what I bought…

Spotted trousers and tee (Noisy May at New Look):

I wouldn’t normally put trousers and a top in the same print together, but the model was wearing them in the photo and I liked how it looked. I don’t hate the outfit on me, but I’ll be sending it back for a few reasons.

The trousers are a funny crepe material, which means they’ll be too thin for the winter, and they’re too big on the tops of my legs. I also think they look a bit like pyjamas as a full outfit. What do you think?

Rust coloured polka dot jumpsuit:

This is another one that’s a bit of an unusual choice for me. It’s not a colour I go for, but I like it for autumn … although how do you wear cropped trousers when it gets cold?!

I liked the button-through design and the belted waist, and the length was right for me (I generally find jumpsuits too short).

I would have kept it as a holiday outfit, but sadly there was a tear on one leg 🙁

Black and white spotted jumpsuit:

I’m a bit indifferent about this one. I think it’s the shape of the legs, which again are a bit wide for me. Also the length – is it supposed to be full length or cropped? It’s going back!

Blue jersey jumpsuit:

Next up is another jumpsuit – this time a casual style blue one in a jersey material. I thought this would be nice for days when we’re not doing much and I want to be comfy.

The girl in the photo online looked really cool wearing it … I look like I’m dressed in a babygro! It’s not the right shape for me at all.

Red leopard print dress

I’ve seen a few people I follow on Instagram wearing this dress and it really caught my eye. The colours are so nice for autumn, and I like the different take on leopard print by making it a deep red.

The shape is lovely for work – it’s smart enough, but also easy to wear and comfortable as it has a slight stretch.

Again, the problem would be wearing it once it gets colder as I think it’s too long for tights. Do you know what I mean? You could do ankle boots, I guess, but I don’t want chilly legs!

I also ordered it in black and white spots, but I prefer the leopard print.

Black and white play suit:

I used to love a play suit, then got a bit funny about having too much leg on show and stopped wearing them. I liked the look of this one as the shirt style could be dressed up or down, with heels or a pair of Converse.

I think I’ve missed the boat for the summer, and don’t have any nights out coming up that I could wear it on so it’s going back. It feels a bit big on the legs too, so I’d probably end up shoving it at the back of the wardrobe if I did keep it.

Denim sundress:

I was pretty pleased to spot this in the sale, as I’d already bought it but needed a different size. When I saw it was down to £11 I grabbed it!

It doesn’t look much in the photo, but you know when you find something that you’re guaranteed to get loads of wear out of, you have buy it.

It’s a soft denim material with a button through front and a stretchy section on the back. I have a few dresses in this style and they’re so easy to throw on in the summer. On slightly colder days when I don’t feel like I can get away with a spaghetti strap, I put a t-shirt underneath. 

So that’s my little New Look haul … it wasn’t entirely successful, but at least I got a bargain dress in the end! What would you keep?