Waking up feeling a bit ‘meh’ … and what I did to get out of it

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen that this morning I wasn’t really feeling myself. I didn’t sleep very well, so I was tired, a bit grumpy and generally lacking in enthusiasm … a bit ‘meh’ as I put it. There was nothing particularly wrong with me, I just wasn’t feeling great.

Rather than staying in a slump as would have been the easy option, I decided to try and pull myself out of it.

Our biggest boy asked if I could take him to school today. I only generally do one drop-off a week, on my new non-working day, as I have a 45-minute drive to work and end up being late if I take him in first. Anyway, this morning I said yes. It made him happy, which made me happy. Yes, he dawdled down the hill, complained that we couldn’t wait for his friends, and I was a few minutes late for my Welsh class, but I had a lovely hug and a kiss at his classroom door, and it brightened me up.

On the way to work I switched radio stations from my usual Radio 1 to Radio Wales to listen in on an interview I’d arranged with a man who saved someone’s life using his belt and a spoon (yes, I know, possibly the best press release I’ve ever written). He was so passionate, humble and grateful, and it was lovely to hear someone being so positive. So that was happy hit number two.

Welsh class was a bit beyond me today and we covered a tense that I thought I understood last week, but was explained in a different way this week which threw me off again, but I learned a nice new phrase which I’m going to try out when the biggest boy gets home. I might have struggled, but I can now tell him that he has the same shoes as his best friend … in Welsh. Hooray for little wins!

I popped into town to pick up coffees for the office as a little treat, had a chat with a journalist I’d never spoken to before who told me about his early morning walk up a mountain, and found out that the belt and spoon story got national coverage (the Daily Mail, but hey ho).

I hadn’t realised this morning that it was World Mental Health Day today, but through the day colleagues were saying things like “seeing as it’s WMHD I’m going for a lunchtime run” or finishing slightly early for the day. I don’t usually buy into these awareness days, but seeing people making time for themselves instead of the usual lunch at their desks and working late was really nice. I followed suit and logged off bang on 5pm for a change.

This morning, I asked on Facebook for ideas to perk myself up, and one friend suggested going for a walk. I’d been planning to come home and put the washing that’s been gathering in our bedroom away while I had an hour alone (the boys were in my mother-in-law’s house). But it was such a nice evening that on the drive home I decided to make the most of it. I got home, changed, and took the dog out for a run. I have a love hate relationship with exercise, but know it makes me feel so much better about myself when I actually get out of the house to do something active. I managed a 20-minute run at the dog’s pace, which is significantly faster than mine! It might not be long, and we probably didn’t go far, but I did it and I didn’t need to walk at all.

My running buddy

The boys are now back at home, I’m cooking a lazy tea (fish fingers, smiley faces and spaghetti hoops, which I secretly love), and I’m feeling a lot brighter. There’s not much point to this post, other than a realisation that a series of little things has made quite a big difference on my mood. So thank you for reading to the end of my ramble, and thank you to those who took the time to comment this morning.

I’m off to make a fish finger sandwich, put the boys to bed and find some rubbish to watch on TV. Happy World Mental Health Day!

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