Family days out – planning a fossil hunting adventure on the Jurassic Coast

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As a travel-loving family, we’re always on the hunt for our next adventure – and there are so many places on our list! We have two young boys who enjoy nothing more than exploring the outdoors, and we’re so lucky that we live on the coast and can be on the beach in a five minute drive.

Over the summer we dipped our toes in the sea, collected shells and looked for crabs in rock pools, which entertained our boys for hours. But I have a plan to ramp up our beachside adventures.

I’ve been reading up about the Jurassic Coast – an area I’m ashamed to say I don’t know much about, despite living fairly nearby in Poole for a while, and spending a week glamping about an hour from Seaton this summer. I’d heard it’s a popular place to look for fossils, and thought maybe the boys would like to go fossil hunting as part of a staycation. It turns out that’s a huge understatement as it’s actually one of the best areas for fossils that you can get, and there are miles of coastline to explore.

Our boys are both at an age where they’re interested in dinosaurs – they’re two and four – and the biggest has already been asking questions about extinct species that have led to us explaining evolution in simple terms. Showing him fossils would give him a visual way of understanding it, and what could be better than telling our littlest we’re going on a dinosaur hunt?! They could go armed with spades, little brushes to sweep the sand off, a magnifying glass, and welly boots to get close to the water’s edge. It’s the type of thing they’d love.

We recently went on an autumn themed treasure hunt in the woods, and giving them something to focus on really grabbed their attention, and they ran around looking for things to tick off our list. Imagine if the list consisted of fossils!

It would be amazing to find some fossils and explain to the boys how long they’ve been there – with a bit more research! – and I’ve read that it’s even ok to take them home, as they’ll be ruined by the sea if they stay on the beach. And if we don’t mange to find any, or the weather is typically British and wet, there are nearby museums where we can see a huge range of fossils.

So, the fossil hunting adventure is on … I just need to decide when we’re going! And this handy guide to identifying them, produced by Lyme Bay Holidays, will be coming with us!

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