What Mama Wore: Yellow, stripes and spots, my new favourite outfit

When you go shopping, do you ever go with the aim of buying a whole new outfit? I don’t, unless I’m shopping for a specific occasion like a wedding, but a couple of weeks ago I accidentally bought myself a complete outfit which is perfect for autumn.

It might not have been intentional, and I probably shouldn’t have, but I have a feeling this outfit will be a go-to over the next few months.

The reason I went shopping was to buy a nice chunky cardigan in a bright colour. I’ve recently had a bit of a wardrobe clear-out and realised just how many grey and brown jumpers and cardigans I owned (who buys a brown cardigan?!) I was gutted when I remembered I’d got rid of a nice dark red cardi last winter because it was looking a bit shabby, and hadn’t replaced it.

So I headed off to Primark with the aim of finding a replacement chunky cardigan in either red or mustard. I didn’t find red, and I didn’t quite find mustard, but I came across a lovely yellow one with slightly rolled up sleeves and a nice knit pattern. It was £13 and would do the job nicely. I’d have bought a couple if I’d liked the other colours.

I popped over to Outfit next for a quick look in the Topshop sale. I found a couple of rain macs which were down to £15 from £49 so took one to try on. For £15 it’s worth having one to keep in the car for the school run – ok, so Stew said I look like a lollipop in it because it’s pink, yellow and white, but it’s nice and bright for a rainy day!

Anyway, on my way to the changing room I spotted a black cord skirt with white spots that looked right up my street. I walked past, being good because I didn’t plan on buying a skirt, but I quickly headed back when I decided I really did need it (of course). Now, Topshop sizing can be a bit off sometimes, and typically they didn’t have my usual size in stock, so I took one size up and one size down to be safe.

As I should have guessed, the size down was too small … I could do it up, but so high on my waist that it was ridiculously short! So I went for the bigger size so I could wear it lower down and get a bit more length out of it. I could have ordered a tall version online, but to be honest I’m too impatient, and Topshop charge too much for delivery.

So I had my chunky cardi and a nice skirt, and then I spotted a top in the Warehouse section that would go perfectly with both! It was a classic striped top, but with yellow cuffs and neckline. I thought the stripes would clash nicely with the spots on the skirt, and the yellow would tie it together with the cardigan.

I took one without trying it on, and sized down as it looked quite generous (and it was).

I planned to wear this outfit with my black boots from Joules (last year’s sale, but back in stock I think), but the weather has been so nice that I’m holding off on getting them out and am wearing my trainers for a bit longer. These were my favourite buy of last winter (Primark), and I loved them so much that I bought a replacement pair before they went out of stock.

So this is my new favourite autumn outfit … and if you see me any time soon it’s likely I’ll be wearing at least one of these items, if not the whole lot! And I really need to work on my posing 😉