What we eat: A Joe Wicks inspired weekly family meal plan

I thought I’d write something a bit different tonight, and share our Joe Wicks inspired weekly family meal plan.

If it was down to me, none of our meals would be planned in advance because I’m just not organised. It would be a case of me running to the shop every day to pick up what I fancy. Luckily, Stew is super organised (to the point where I’m not allowed to do the weekly shop because I deviate from the list too much *eye roll*).

We’ve somehow amassed the whole collection of Joe Wicks books, and these inspire the majority of our meals now. They tend to be a good way of sneaking vegetables into our two boys’ diets without them knowing, and most seem pretty easy to make.

So here’s a quick round-up of what we’ve eaten over the weekend, and our Joe Wicks inspired weekly family meal plan.


Lunch: Chicken and mushroom risotto from the new Joe Wicks book, with Quorn instead of chicken as I randomly go off it every now and then. Our four-year-old tried it, but wasn’t too keen so he had leftover pasta with sweetcorn, peas and broccoli.

Tea: We were out watching fireworks and had hot dogs, burgers and potato wedges.


Breakfast: We started the day with buttermilk pancakes from Joe Wicks’ Fat Loss Plan book, with Nutella.

Lunch: The biggest boy had leftover pasta, the littlest had leftover risotto, and me and Stew were a bit naughty and had fish finger sandwiches.

Tea: Stew was working nights, so I made me and the boys sausages, mash and spaghetti hoops.


Breakfast: More buttermilk pancakes, with honey.

Lunch: It was back to work after a few days off for me, so I had a jacket potato with cheese and salad from the coffee shop. The boys had sandwiches, strawberries, grapes, cheese and cucumber.

Tea: We tried the dukka spiced chicken with giant couscous and pomegranate from the new Joe Wicks book for tea. Stew had made this by the time I got home from work and the boys weren’t keen on it. They had pasta instead.

Dukka chicken with giant cous cous and pomegranate
Meal planning:

The rest of the week has been planned out as far as tea goes, and the biggest boy will be having his lunch box in school, which usually consists of a ham wrap or pitta, cubes of cheese, strawberries, grapes, cucumber, a couple of bread sticks with some Nutella to dip, and apple for snack time.

This is what we have planned for tea…

Tuesday: Chicken orzo paella.
Wednesday: Sag aloo with chicken (Quorn)
Thursday: Teriyaki ginger chicken
Friday: Chicken fried rice with mango and basil. We had this one night last week and it was amazing!
Saturday: Roast chicken with butternut, figs and goats cheese

Some days might change around, especially as Stew has a couple of night shifts so I’ll be in charge of tea time, and of course we might give in to a Saturday night takeaway!

Do you tend to plan your meals in advance or eat what you fancy that night?

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