What mama wore: Ditching jeans for a floral wrap skirt

Lately I’ve become guilty of lazy dressing. I’ve always been a fan of jeans and t-shirts – and why not? It’s a classic combo. But recently it’s become my go to, with a cardigan, obvs, and I don’t wear much else on my days off.

I seem to have lost my love for more girly outfits, and unless it’s my trusty pinafore with thick black tights, it feels like too much effort to put on a skirt or dress at the weekend. Jeans are safe – they won’t blow up in the wind, there’s no risk of flashing while belting the boys into their car seat, but they’re not exactly the most exciting week in, week out.

So, using a child-free trip to London as an excuse to ditch the jeans, I decided to give a floral wrap skirt a go. I spotted one in New Look – let’s not mention the no clothes shopping challenge, I’ll tackle that in another post – and headed to the changing room to try it on.

I never pick up anything red, but there was something about the shade and the pattern that grabbed my attention. I sat down to make sure there was enough fabric to keep the skirt wrapped, and was pleased to see no thigh was flashed in the process!

In my usual style, I needed a second opinion, but rather than leave it there until I had a chance to go back, I bought it, packed it and hoped for the best! And I’m rather glad I did, as I actually love it.

New Look floral wrap skirt
Skirt and tee, New Look; Shoes and jacket, Primark; Hair clip, eBay; Bag, Mulberry

I kept it casual with a black t-shirt with a San Francisco skyline print, a faux leather jacket and my battered embroidered pumps. I basically replaced my jeans with the skirt, so the rest of the outfit is pretty standard for me!

There’s a button on either side of the waistband, which means the wrap skirt doesn’t blow up in a breeze, as well as a ribbon tie adding a nice detail.

I accessorised with my bargain eBay oversized hair clip and two layering necklaces. I found a lovely independent jewellery brand called Jack and Freda on Instagram a little while back, and I treated myself to a crescent moon and a lightning pendant at the start of the month.

Outfit details: Necklaces, Jack and Freda; Hair clip, eBay

I thought really hard about keeping the skirt before wearing it out, as I don’t want to fall back into the trap of buying fast fashion, wearing it once and relegating it to the back of the wardrobe, but I think I’ll wear a lot of this. It’s really comfy, but feels as if I’ve made an effort, and I can dress it up or down … I’ll mostly wear it casually as I rarely have a chance to glam up!

So this, hopefully, is summer staple outfit number one. You’ll be seeing a lot of me in it!