A pink living room makeover with dreamy star tiles

It was a bit of a battle, but last year I managed to win the case for a pink living room. It was a bold move, and one we could have regretted, but thanks to the perfect shade of Farrow and Ball calamine, our pink living room is now my favourite room in the house.

Or was, until we made the sudden decision to move house, leaving my lovely pink walls and star tiles behind!

When we bought our first house seven years ago, an elderly lady had just moved out. Most of the rooms desperately needed to be repainted or plastered, but the living room had vintage floral wallpaper, which I said we were never getting rid of.

But a few years in, and it was looking more shabby than chic. And the enormous retro fireplace felt like it was taking over the room. To take it out, we’d have to lose the wallpaper – and so a few hours were spent on Instagram and Pinterest looking for inspiration.

I decided a pink living room would be a nice change, and somehow Stew came round to the idea. He pulled the fireplace out, took the wallpaper down, and the walls were plastered.

Then it was time to find the perfect shade. I bought a few tester pots, and was drawn to Farrow and Ball Calamine. It wasn’t too pink, but wasn’t as plaster-coloured as some others.

And I loved it.

It’s light enough to feel bright and airy, but still a contrast with the white above our picture rail.

Getting rid of the fireplace left us with a bit of a dilemma about what to do with the chimney wall. Stew suggested boarding over the gap and having a flat wall, but I wanted a bit of a feature.

I found amazing star print tiles on Tons of Tiles, which had a vintage worn feel and fitted with an old house. There were a few colours to choose from, and we went for a greeny grey. I love how they stand out, and don’t look too modern.

They make a fab Instagram backdrop too!

As we had wooden floorboards, I picked out a rug to warm the room up. This is from La Redoute, and I didn’t realise at the time that it was so popular it had it’s own Instagram account! Ha! The boys were hilarious for a few weeks, telling people not to stand on “mammy’s rug”!

We never did get round to sorting out cable corner!

Finally, to finish off the room, we bought a couple of bits for the walls and some plants. This Freda Kahlo wall hanging is from Ian Snow, and the embroidered map is from A Crafty Traveller on Instagram (you might have guessed we like travel, and I love maps).

Frida Kahlo wall hanging
Embroidered vintage map wall hanging

Our settee is an old one from Ikea, so to cover it up a bit we bought a throw (from Ikea), a fluffy pink cushion from Matalan (gifted) and a pom pom cushion from Pimki on Asos.

We were lucky when it came to this coffee table as it was actually being thrown out of its original home … it’s an Ercol, so we snapped it up!

Grey settee with fluffy pink cushion against pink wall, with an Ercol coffee table

My plan was to have wooden shutters fitted, but as we’d discussed the possibility of moving house and then sold very quickly we never made the investment … I think they would have looked amazing though.

I now have the dilemma of which room to recreate this look in in our new (old) house!