Having a selfish morning … and why I’m glad I did!

Today was the first of my non-working Thursdays since our littlest boy started morning sessions at school. I don’t know why, but him being out of the house in the morning makes it feel less like I’ll be hanging around waiting for him.

When he was afternoons I dropped him off by 12.50pm, and had to be back at the gates by 2.45pm. I usually filled the time in between by rushing to do a food shop or some odd jobs, and grabbing a takeaway coffee before running off to the school car park.

Stew usually does the morning school run, and they leave the house at 8am to get there on time. School finishes at 11am … so today I had a whole three hours to myself. THREE HOURS OF FREEDOM!

I briefly considered doing something sensible with my time, but then thought “no, do you know what? I’m doing something for me for a change”.

So I headed out of the door at the same time as Stew and the boys, and went for a swim. I was in the pool by 8.40am, and had done 50 lengths half an hour later. A quick shower, a bit of make-up and it was only 9.40am.

What to do next? There was still time to pop to Tesco for some bits … or, you know, the more appealing option of Costa.

In no time I was ordering myself an almond latte and a chocolate twist, and logging on to my laptop to actually write a blog post … unheard of! It was crazy busy there, and I was squashed on a tiny table between two men talking work, and another doing the crossword, but it felt like I had actual space for myself away from all the noise of life.

I only had an hour before picking the littlest up from school, but it was enough time to enjoy my own company, and I was more than ready to see his beaming little face at 11am. 

He was less than happy by 1pm, when the tiredness of four morning sessions kicked in, and he was crying full force at 2.20pm when the school phoned to say the biggest boy had fallen and hit his head on the yard.

Luckily he was fine, but there’s nothing like seeing the school name pop up on your phone to raise the old stress levels.

Between then and now (9pm), we’ve been to Tesco (yes, I finally made it there), soft play, swimming lesson, Co-op (because who only pops to one supermarket?!), had tea and I’ve done two bedtimes.

So despite having the morning to myself, I’m still exhausted … and that, my friends is why I’m not feeling any guilt about putting myself first for three hours out of the week. And long may it continue 🙂