Gaining confidence and making the most of the winter sun

AFTER nearly six months I feel like I’m finally getting into the swing of getting out of the house with two little people – and even being spontaneous. For a while I only went places with both Santi and Ezra if Stew was with us or if we were meeting friends so I wasn’t alone. Read More


Changing our baby’s name after he was registered

CHOOSING your baby’s name is a huge deal, but what happens if you choose the wrong one? Apparently, one in five mothers regret the name they gave their child, and six per cent feel so strongly about it that they actually go on to change their baby’s name after they are registered. Confession time: we are Read More

A typically chaotic day…

PICTURE the scene … It’s a Tuesday, and the one day a week you’re solely responsible for your toddler and baby for the entire day. By 8.50am (more than three hours before you’re due to meet friends for play and lunch) the oldest has been up for several hours, two of you are dressed, and Read More