Pregnancy number one v pregnancy with a toddler

When you find out you’re expecting your first child you immediately want to wrap yourself up in cotton wool and protect yourself from the world. Sleeping on the bedroom floor of a toddler you’ve soothed back to sleep at 2am at nearly 34 weeks pregnant wouldn’t even cross your mind, and you’d probably give the death stare Read More


A survival guide to being a “single parent”

A couple of weekends ago Stew was away for four days on a stag do, leaving me and Santi for the longest amount of time we’ve been alone together. Since going back to work full-time from maternity leave I only see Santi for full days on weekends, and 90 per cent of the time Stew is Read More

32 week bump comparison

Pregnancy update: 32 week bump and the anti Slimming World

Apologies for the late post again, but I’ve had a few technical issues this week (I tried to do something a bit too advanced for my basic IT skills and lost my whole blog … Oops!). So my 32-week update comes as I hit 33 weeks. Apart from the slight blog panic, the last fortnight has Read More

Untitled design (23)

A gender neutral baby clothes haul from H&M

Finally baby number two has the makings of a wardrobe … with 10 weeks to go it was about time we thought about actually buying something! During our week off work we popped to Cardiff for a few hours – mainly to go to Ikea, but I was determined while we were there to go Read More

30 week bump

Pregnancy update: My 30 week bump and the “final countdown”

How on earth can there only be 10 weeks left until due date?! And with induction already being mentioned, probably even less than that until we meet our baby?! I’m feeling very unprepared at the moment and time is flying by so quickly I need to get sorted. Since my last update, Stew has run Read More


Boy or girl? Putting old wives’ gender predictions to the test

What seems like only a few weeks ago I was debating whether to find out the gender of our baby. We decided not to … And now it’s driving me a bit mad! Before June comes we plan to move Santi out of his current bedroom and into the back room so he’s not disturbed Read More

27 week bump

Pregnancy update: 27 week bump watch and gestational diabetes

I’m a week late with this update as I planned to post fortnightly, but life keeps getting in the way. I’m now 27 weeks pregnant and its flying by! I worked last weekend which was a bit rubbish, but it meant I had Tuesday off and had booked Friday off so only had a three-day Read More


Pregnancy update: Weeks 12-20

I can’t quite believe I’m already half way through my second pregnancy – plus two weeks now as it’s taken me so long to get this written. When I found out I was pregnant at around four or five weeks I had grand plans of regular blog updates so I would have a proper record of it … Read More