Hypnobirthing: When the thought of childbirth sends you to sleep

IS it possible to be so calm about the prospect of giving birth that you can drift off to sleep? Apparently so – or for the ever-chilled out Stew at least. With bubba number two due in just a few weeks, we decided to shun traditional antenatal classes (let’s face it, I couldn’t really fit them in around work anyway) Read More

What to do when you take too many photos?

IF you’re anything like me, you take way too many photos. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve run out of memory on my phone since Santi was born … The little thing is just too photogenic! This year I decided to take a photo a day (since day two they’ve pretty much Read More


Review: Gro Hush Baby Calmer

FOLLOWERS of this blog will be aware that sleep has been a bit of an issue from the start with Santi. We’ve tried all sorts to get him to sleep through – dream feeding (no chance, he clamped his mouth shut and wouldn’t let the bottle in), rocking, night lights, no light, extra blankets, fewer Read More