Three weeks in: Ninjas, nits and a newborn

WHEN picturing your life after having a baby you might imagine cosy evenings all snuggled up on the settee watching Disney films. What you don’t expect is to be watching your husband apply nit lotion to your toddler at 7.30am on a Friday while watching Bing get indignant about something ridiculous yet again. But that’s Read More


Pregnancy number one v pregnancy with a toddler

When you find out you’re expecting your first child you immediately want to wrap yourself up in cotton wool and protect yourself from the world. Sleeping on the bedroom floor of a toddler you’ve soothed back to sleep at 2am at nearly 34 weeks pregnant wouldn’t even cross your mind, and you’d probably give the death stare Read More


A survival guide to being a “single parent”

A couple of weekends ago Stew was away for four days on a stag do, leaving me and Santi for the longest amount of time we’ve been alone together. Since going back to work full-time from maternity leave I only see Santi for full days on weekends, and 90 per cent of the time Stew is Read More

The rubbish mother’s guide to weaning

AS much as I realised that life would be different with a baby, it wasn’t until recently that I understood just how different it is – on occasions it’s downright absurd. I wasn’t going to be one of those mothers ruled by their baby, of course not. They’re small, you’re big. They’re the child, you’re Read More


Wicked Wednesday: The standing on the chair strop

YES, it’s only 8.30am, and yes, we’ve already had a strop. This lovely little one decided he wanted to play with the bubble tube. He then climbed onto the chair (because sitting down is far too boring) and realised he could no longer reach said bubble tube. Cue strop-time. Of course, this could always be Read More

‘My life won’t change after children’ part 1: Your house

BEFORE you have children, you might naively think becoming a parent won’t change you or your life. Your house will still be so clean and tidy (because you have all that time off work to keep it in order) that guests won’t even be able to tell there’s a baby there. Of course you won’t Read More