St Petersburgh

P&O Baltic cruise: Taking a toddler to St Petersburg, Russia

I think Russia was the whole reason Stew let me book this cruise – he hadn’t really seemed keen on the idea of a cruise before, but Russia seemed to do the trick … Must be the Russian heritage he goes on about! St Petersburg was the port he was most looking forward to, and the Read More

What Santi Wore: New Year sale haul

You might have guessed that I love shopping for new clothes for Santi – it’s pretty much taken over my obsession with shopping for myself. So the new year sales weren’t something I was going to pass up on! Instead of doing what I usually do, buying a lot of things just because they’re cheap, Read More

Baby announcement

Double the love: Pregnant with baby number two

For 18 months after moving into our first house we were a family of two. Then Santi came along and made us a three (oh, alright four if you count the dog), adding chaos, sleepless nights and so much happiness to our home. As Santi turned 15 months old we were over the moon to Read More

Looking back: 6am bathtime

WHEN you bring your newborn baby home, you have no idea what to expect. The first few days – weeks even – are more emotional than you could ever imagine. You are overwhelmed with love for this tiny little person, exhausted from sleepless nights, and terrified of doing something wrong – second guessing everything. I Read More