St Petersburgh

P&O Baltic cruise: Taking a toddler to St Petersburg, Russia

I think Russia was the whole reason Stew let me book this cruise – he hadn’t really seemed keen on the idea of a cruise before, but Russia seemed to do the trick … Must be the Russian heritage he goes on about!┬áSt Petersburg was the port he was most looking forward to, and the Read More

What Santi Wore: New Year sale haul

You might have guessed that I love shopping for new clothes for Santi – it’s pretty much taken over my obsession with shopping for myself. So the new year sales weren’t something I was going to pass up on! Instead of doing what I usually do, buying a lot of things just because they’re cheap, Read More

Looking back: 6am bathtime

WHEN you bring your newborn baby home, you have no idea what to expect. The first few days – weeks even – are more emotional than you could ever imagine. You are overwhelmed with love for this tiny little person, exhausted from sleepless nights, and terrified of doing something wrong – second guessing everything. I Read More